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So…Damon being determined to force the cure on Elena. 

I see that most people aren’t digging that idea. 

I can’t say I’m loving the way he expressed it, but if I’d heard him say that he wouldn’t do whatever it took to bring Elena’s humanity back and spare her from an eternity of guilt over the actions she committed with her switch flipped, I’d be way more upset. 

The one thing I don’t want stated or even implied is that Damon really does “like her better this way.”

The thing is, I don’t see Elena as Elena right now. I wrote a post about it in the past week, but she’s operating on a fraction of her psyche at the moment. She’s operating on id and id alone. 

That’s not Elena. That’s not who the Elena Gilbert we’ve known and loved for 3.5 seasons would want to be.I wouldn’t expect any of her friends to sit idly by and let her destroy herself if there was something that they could do about it.

Maybe people are taking cues from 4x14 when Elena stated that she should learn to accept the hand that Fate dealt her, so to speak, and give up on the cure. Perhaps that’s where this ire is coming from that Damon would approach giving Elena the cure with the brutal practicality that he’s known for. 

The thing is, if you listen to what Damon said in this episode, on that roof, he wasn’t insisting she take the cure because she should be human and not a vampire. 

He wants her to take the cure to spare her the pain and guilt that will come when the switch inevitably breaks. 

This is about the fact that the sire bond is gone and every day that Elena spends with her switch flipped is another day that she might cross the point of no return and do something that will destroy her when her humanity inevitably returns.

Damon wants to protect Elena in the same way that he always has, in the same way that would have prompted him to ignore her wishes and to save Matt. 

He wants Elena to have that cure so that she can have the best possible life that she deserves.

It’s not about fixing something that’s broken. It’s not about taking away her choice or her agency. 

It’s about someone who’s been there and done that and wants to spare a friend who’s spiraling from the agony. 

Don’t let yourself get caught up in this being yet another thing that people are trying to decide for Elena because sometimes you need your friends to help you see the forest for the trees. You need them to step up and tell you things that you don’t want to hear. 

Honestly, I love No Humanity Elena. She’s great fun. But I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t holding my breath during these last two episodes and crossing my fingers that she doesn’t kill anyone, or hurt someone in a way that she won’t be able to live with. 

Because her humanity will return. One way or another, it will return and like Damon, I don’t want Elena to be a shell of her former self when it does. 

As Damon said in S2, he’ll be the bad guy and make all of the tough decisions. He’ll deal with Elena hating him if it keeps her her.

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